SteadiSet Infusion Set

Improving the weakest link in pump therapy

Research shows that infusion set failures are common, with as many as 25% of infusion sets failing prior to the end of the third day of use. We believe that improving the reliability and comfort of infusion sets will lead to a 7-day infusion set design, reduce the burden of pump therapy, and lead to increased pump use among those who could benefit.

Introducing the SteadiSet with SteadiFlow Technology

No more worries about blocked delivery. With the SteadiSet infusion set with SteadiFlow technology, you know you’re getting your insulin.

Innovative cannula design you can rely on

One of the main reasons current infusion cannulas fail? Kinks. New SteadiFlow technology is designed to make the cannula kink-free. The cannula also has a new sprinkler-like design that includes three additional holes along the side of the cannula to make sure insulin is being delivered. With SteadiFlow technology, the set is designed to keep on working, so you worry less about high blood sugars caused by your set.


The SteadiSet’s new cannula is far more flexible than current plastic sets. It moves with you – causing less reaction by the tissue. The science behind SteadiFlow technology combined with minimized tissue response are intended to allow the insulin to reliably get to the bloodstream. It’s made to do what infusion sets are supposed to do – get the insulin from your pump, to you.


But that’s not all.

Designed to be kinder to the body

A cannula this flexible is designed to be gentler to the tissue. We hope to prove that SteadiSet’s flexible cannula preserves infusion sites for use at a later date. What’s even better is that the SteadiSet can be easily inserted with one hand, giving you more access to hard-to-reach infusion sites.


We understand sites are precious real estate, so the SteadiSet includes a skin friendly yet strong adhesive – so the set stays put.


With more reliable insulin delivery, the SteadiSet with SteadiFlow technology can help you have more predictable blood sugars. Isn’t that why you chose pump therapy?


SteadiFlow Technology


More reliable insulin delivery with its kink-proof, flexible cannula design, with 3 additional side holes


Comfortable to wear and designed to preserve infusion sites


Easy, painless, one-handed insertion for more site options

CAUTION –­­ Investigational device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.

“The design is somewhat similar to a soaker hose or sprinkler needle. Increasing the surface area of the delivered insulin provides access to more capillary and lymph vessels, resulting in more consistent absorption with a more predictable effect on blood glucose levels.”

Jeffrey I. Joseph, D.O.
Professor of Anesthesiology at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University

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